To say Chriselle Lim is someone I look up to would be an understatement. Aside from her obvious outward beauty, she is a strong and hard-working woman who has definitely risen to the top of her game. Did I mention she has a husband and toddler, too?

At last week’s Armani Box blogger event, I got to meet Chriselle. (Yay.) After hearing all about her skincare routine and philosophy, the floor was open for questions. So, I had a chance to ask about something I struggle with. How do you balance personal life with work life? Working from home and being self-employed seems really glamorous. And, people assume it is a charmed life. I won’t lie, there are definitely perks. But, when your success is built by your own hands, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and nearly impossible to step back.

After stating that my question was one of her favorite topics to address (Eeeee!) Chriselle admitted that work-life balance is nearly impossible to maintain. Despite it’s popularity, she said she grew away from the frequently used term. Instead, she realized it is more like a work-life seesaw. When one side is up, the other might be down. She jokingly shared, “You can have it all, just not at the same time.”