My most recent trip to Seoul was a little bit different. I was with one of my closest friends, hooray! I also had newly discovered and harnessed confidence! 🎉

I always looked at other artists’ travel journals online with envy. Page after page of energy-filled sketches… Whenever I travel, I usually pack a blank sketchbook, supplies, and good intentions. And, some how I end up returning with a blank sketchbook, supplies, and regret.

What I learned on this trip was that “just going for it” is your best ally. I think drawing so much these days (two classes and weekly open-drawing sessions) has taken the fear out of approaching a blank page. If my drawing ends up a failure, I can just make another one.

Anyway, I had a super-duper fun time in Seoul. And, I’ll be sharing a few more of my favorite spots over the next few days. Thanks so much for viewing!