I’m off to Seoul, again. And, this time I’m only bringing my smallest luggage. That means I was ultra-selective with what I packed. Versatility, comfort, and practicality are key. I’ll be piggy-backing this trip with a weekend jaunt in LA. I had to keep that in mind, too.

Fashion sketch, Oak and Fort suede slides, Katie Cadamatre

It’s no surprise that my favorite faux suede slides from Oak+Fort made the cut. With very specific sizing and stylized cuts, this retailer is a little controversial among my friends. Some love it, others hate it. But, I can’t get enough of their incredibly affordable footwear. (Mainly because I can always rely on them having size 5. And, it’s a snug size 5, hooray!)

Honestly, some of the styles look a bit cheap-y. But, when the price matches and the shape is so trendy, do you really need it to last more than a few seasons? I think not. Shop away slide-lovers. Shop away!