I heard it’s going to hit eighty degrees this weekend. If you haven’t hit the beach this summer, it could be your last chance. For those of you in the tri-state area, allow me to suggest the Asbury Hotel for your weekend getaway.

Visit the Asbury

This summer VNg and I decided to plan a weekend trip down the shore. Clocking in at less than an hour by car (a bit longer by train), Asbury Park is just far enough from Manhattan.

I loved my stay at the Asbury Hotel. And, we had a blast despite the rainy weather. The hotel offered a lot of diversions like pool (the game), pinball, live music, an around-the-clock bar, rooftop movies, and a cute pool (the water.)

Catch the last of summer.

Did you stock up on swimwear when everything was marked down last week (like me)? Well, this weekend may be your last chance!! (: