Everlane sent out an email a few weeks back talking about how great the Day Heel was. I was totally sold by the cute pictures and testimonials of how comfortable it was. So, of course, like a sucker, I clicked through to the site. And, after making me fall in love with this dumb shoe, it said it was available by waitlist only! WTF.

But yesterday, I was on my Instagram Stories and saw they were hosting a pop-up shop specifically for the Day Heel in Williamsburg. And, waitlist be damned, it’s this weekend. I felt so lucky since (1) I don’t usually make it through all of my Stories and (2) we were originally going to Rhode Island this weekend but had to cancel at the last minute.

Fabulous. I was already imagining how lovely it would look in my closet.

Everlane's Day Market in Williamsburg

After the best scones of our life, we headed over. I was a little nervous my ridiculous feet might be too tiny for Everlane’s size 5. (This happens sometimes depending on the style or the fabrication. First-world problems, for reals.)

Considering we got there about ten minutes after they opened it was already bustling. I think the general energy and excitement of the crowd in such close quarters was stressing out VNg. (Poor guy.) I could tell he was really distracted.

We found a quiet space as I tried on the pink, the red, and the ochre. They were stocked with plenty of size 5’s and I was jazzed to find they fit me perfectly.

Red hot! The Day Heel by Everlane

The ever-popular red and trendy ochre were both calling to me. But, when I walked, the yellow kept slipping off. Seems like because of the softer nature of the suede? Or, maybe the one I tried had been stretched out by others trying it on? Regardless, I opted for the red.

They were actually just as comfortable as all the hoopla claims. I’m glad we made it out to BK for the shop.

So there you have it. If you’re around, skip the waitlist and get yours this weekend. (Plus, get a free bouquet with any purchase! Yayyyyy!) Seriously, the stunning wall arrangement had me obsessed. Well-played, Everlane. Well, played.

The Day Market


190 Bedford Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY
11a -7p

Can’t Make It? Get the Look Here