Intermix says - go graphic! Fashion illustration by Katie Cadamatre

I’ve been agonizing over this for a while. And, after careful consideration and much consultation, I’ve decided to shift gears with my blog.

I’ll be putting the using my Instagram and portfolio to highlight and share my finished work. Plus, I’ll be putting more effort into my Youtube channel to share my process and development. So this space, my blog, will be dedicated to my thoughts, ideas, and other random things I want to share with the world. (Essentially, I’m going back to blog basics.)

Why Change the Blog?

Sadly, the truth is, I’m not a fashion blogger. I don’t look ah-mazing in my (plain AF) outfits. There’s really no need for me to share “my #ootd” or let you know where I’m eating. (Spoiler alert: It’s probably my couch.) I’m an illustrator. And, my focus is my artwork. It takes a while for me to make quality artwork. Rather than stretch myself thin trying to generate (somewhat duplicative) content for this site – I’ll be focusing on making beautiful art.

And, I’ll be using this site as a diary of sorts. (So, I foresee the already low hit count on this site to diminish more.)

For those of you who stick around, thanks for the support and good luck reading my ridiculous rants and grade-school-level writing!