Wait, what?! A June fashion calendar is here already!? Is 2017 really half over? Unbelievable… unacceptable! There’s still so much to accomplish! I didn’t even get to wear all my cold-weather layering pieces!

I can’t be alone feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day. How much earlier can I wake up/later can I go to bed?! (Without damaging my skin, that is.)Reaching the half-way point of 2017 is somewhat jarring. So, I’ve been taking a bit of time to assess where I am and what I’ve accomplished. (It’s nice to do that once in a while.)

For some people, like me, it will never feel like there’s enough time. There’s always one more task… a goal you haven’t reached… an event you couldn’t attend. I’m realizing 1) That’s okay. Sometimes you can’t do it all. Don’t let it detract from what you did accomplish! 2) Time is fleeting and precious. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt to be a bit more critical with how you spend it.

For me, that means fewer obligations. As a wife, friend, daughter, or illustrator… I set the bar high. It’s refreshing (and challenging) to pick and choose when to “lean in” and when to let go.

Summer days, funner days! (No? It didn't work??)

It’s a work in progress. Case in point, I would have loved to publish this calendar a few days earlier. But, I had a lot going on in other areas of work and life. And, I can’t discount those accolades. (For example, sometimes just being present for a family milestone is the week’s greatest success.)

I hope you enjoy the June fashion calendar! It’s a gorgeous bodysuit by Johanna Ortiz and inspired by a shot from Moda Operandi.


2017 June Calendar

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