A denim jacket is arguably a wardrobe staple for every man and woman alive. If you don’t have one, odds are you’ll buy one before summer’s end; especially if you’re in Seoul.Katie Cadamatre fashion illustration of this season's popular Denim Jacket trend

I love a good denim jacket. You can immediately take a little black dress to daytime casual. Or, throw one on and add a little attitude to a crisp white shirt. Go preppy and structured or punk and worn-in.

Seoul street style equals jean jackets!

Some of the latest styles play with color, distressing, proportion, or borrow details from other classic jacket shapes (like the trucker – another favorite this season!)

What are they wearing in Seoul? Denim jackets!

Denim Jacket Style in Seoul

Shops in Seoul had every shape, size, color, and style imaginable.

Particularly, I was obsessed with a boxy men’s style in pale pink. Yes, Korean men don’t fool around with fashion. They own it. (Now, if only I could get VNg to be so brave. 😂 Then again, I’m a long-time lover of American boy style. 💕)

Spao does denim jackets just right!

Aaaaanyway – I especially loved all the different construction details: raw edges, specialty rivets, pop-color seams, and you guessed: it over-the-top sleeve shapes.

Get your denim jacket on!