How do we get “the big break?” Hearing stories of struggle and success is not only inspiring but can also bring a little comfort for those of us still searching for direction. This Quick Artist Q&A tackles just that.

Thanks to all the amazing artists and internet friends who took the time to answer. Be sure to check out their work and incredible accounts!

Quick Artist Q&A from Instagram with artists carlosvisualdiary and more

carlosvisualdiary I had a portfolio with a variety of drawings and some more graphic in style including drawings with masking tape. Juan Ramos ( Antonio Lopez partner) told me to send it to Widen and Kennedy in Portland Oregon. A few weeks later I got a call from John Jay the art director and asked me if I wanted to do a campaign for Coca Cola!!! I had no agent and no name! It was a huge campaign for India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. A few months later I was hired again to do the World Series in USA. That was the beginning of my career.

bruno_conigliano I don’t know if I have landed a huge client yet 😖 but always trying to work well and fast trying to surprise clients, and one client brings another… “Constance” in work maybe… You are doing well!!😋

justinteodoro From a mutual connection … a lot of work and projects I get come from introductions

wiimix Yours is probably coming sooner than you think. Firm believer that consistency and being relentless at your craft will always win out in the end 👍

laurahickmanillustrationI was on holiday in Rome and I got an out of the blue email asking if I wouldlicensee one of my images to Hyatt Regency. I’d only just started my business so I was very, very lucky!

babethlafon It was actually through a friend, she worked on a TV ad shooting for L’Oréal as a prop stylist and her boss asked her to find original artwork – the story was set in the flat of a young Parisian woman and the walls needed to be decorated accordingly. She thought of my work and proposed it and they loved it. So much that i got another request for another TV ad from L’Oréal a few weeks later. Love your story @carlosvisualdiary !!!

carlosvisualdiary@babethlafon thank you! It was one of those hard to believe stories and I got plenty of those! 😄

milkglassmenagerie still trying to find mine! 🙄🙄😫

jasminfuhrillustrationOne of my very first job requests was by the New Yorker. I was so shocked and stressed because i wanted the illustration to be perfect. Sadly i didn’t get the job in the end. As a native german it was a little bit hard for me to get the story the illustration should be for and i only had 2 days. But it was a huge honour to be asked and showed me i’ m on my right way.