Hardly two days into my trip and I’m overwhelmed with mixed emotions. When asked the reason for this trip, I respond with a mashup of “Seoul Fashion Week, networking, and the ability to work remotely.” But if I’m completely honest with my friends and more importantly myself, there is no reason for this trip other than time to reflect and relax.

Like, I assume, most – I spent my life on a carefully carved path and for the first time I’m faced with limitless options. It’s exciting but terrifying. Hopefully, the next two weeks in my motherland will help facilitate some clarity and self-realization. (Wow, I really hate how entitled this sounds! I’m truly grateful for the position I’m in, but it’s a bit intimidating!)

SFW, DDP, Seoul

Anyhow, after my first day at Seoul Fashion Week, the wheels in my head are already turning with ways I can optimize my next visit. Whether you have an upcoming trip or need to plan for a major event, I hope my observations are helpful!

Close Proximity

I wanted my trip to feel like a retreat. So, I booked one place to stay – an adorable airbnb. (More on that in my next video!)

In retrospect, I wish I had booked a few days in a hotel close to the shows at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. That way, I could have popped back and forth easily. As it was, I felt like I couldn’t really return home until I was finished. And, I prepared my bag for the whole day which was heavy. (Thankfully, Seoul has tons of inexpensive storage lockers!)

The stylish at Seoul Fashion Week

Plan Ahead

I could have done a better job looking at the SFW calendar and planning a schedule. Researching designers and requesting a ticket would have been ideal. Unfortunately, I booked this trip too last minute to request a press pass. In the future, I’ll create an alert and request the passes and tickets ahead of time.

Also, my gear could have been better thought-out. I left my RX100 stabilizer in the room. Why!? And, I usually use my Canon with a grip strap, but I couldn’t handle carrying it along with my other stuff. So, I needed to buy a neck strap before I could carry it around. (Useless!)

What I did do well was bring plenty of batteries and cords!

I wish I had dressed like this guy.

Dress Comfortably. Be yourself.

There’s no doubt about it. Being around models, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, and photographers… it’s easy to feel the need to look “camera ready.” In the end, though, my place was behind the camera, not in front of it.

Fashion or style is an extension of who you are. And, if you’re on your feet all day, it’s best to be practical. In the end, it seems the best advice is to dress comfortably and be yourself. But, what’s new?

I’ll share more from Seoul and Fashion Week soon (including some videos.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If there’s anything you’re curious about in Korea, let me know and I’ll try to include it or answer your questions.

View my vlog about SFW here.