Sometimes I question putting effort into this site. Lately, it seems you don’t need much more than Instagram. But, I’m thankful it led to “meeting” amazing people and working with Angela of Image Creation. We may change the way we work together (it’s exciting!) Until then, we have another stunning post for you. As always, Angela shares her style insight alongside Jennifer’s gorgeous photos.

Angela of Imagecreation in her gorgeous Chanel statement coat.

Heirloom Shopping


Before I make a large purchase and blow the equivalent of two to three months of rent payments on a single handbag/dress/anything from Chanel, I think to myself, is this something I can keep forever and pass on to my future daughter?  Seeing as I am nowhere near pregnant at this point, let alone married, this may come across as a strange question if I were to ask it out loud.  However, it does make me pause before I whip out my credit card.  

When I go shopping these days, I am much more conscious of what value I am getting for the price I pay. I am not stingy by any means (I am willing to shop at Whole Foods without cringing too much at my grocery tab each week), but I now have a greater awareness of whether a certain pink tweed dress is truly worth four figures and what the cost per wear ratio would be over the course of a lifetime.

Angela of Image Creation in her stunning Chanel statement coat.

After living a year in Shanghai and learning to bargain like the best of the locals, I am loath to pay above what I believe is the item’s actual worth. I also find myself taking internal bets on whether an item is going to sell out before it potentially goes on sale. Paying full price is justified in my mind only if I love a piece enough and I think everyone else in my size or style bracket will as well, thus potentially causing it to sell out before I can get to it.

Instant Love

A prime example of these principles in action is this amazing Chanel coat from the 2014/15 Paris-Salzburg Metiers d’Art collection.  When I first saw this coat in the boutique, it was instant love. It was not something I would normally gravitate towards, but the solid workmanship evident in its cutting and construction and the brilliant red curlicue embroidery against the navy wool simply appealed to the aesthete in me, as well as my inner childhood self who loved to learn about Medieval European history.

What did not appeal to me was its five-figure price tag, which was far more than I would ever be willing to pay for an article of clothing. I waited for the brand’s next sale, praying my bet would pay off that no one else in my size would love this coat as much as I did. And as you can see, it worked out splendidly. I can see myself treasuring this piece forever and passing it on to my hypothetical daughter, who would be thrilled to have such a magical coat.

But alas, watch me have only sons.

Angela of Image Creation in her stunning Chanel statement coat.