Whenever I happen to mention I’m an illustrator, nine times out of ten, someone overhears and asks if their son or daughter should go to art school. I was actually curious to find out if any of the other illustrators and artists I admire had a “traditional” creative background.

I thought it would be the perfect topic for another #QuickArtistQandA!

Art school? Another Quick Artist Q&A From Instagram with @bigfashionbook and others!carlosvisualdiary I did. I went to Parsons, FIT and followed the late Jack Potter to SVA. After you are done with school you have to break the rules or unlearn what you have been taught, then keep surprising yourself in order not to get bored or too comfortable with a style.

justinteodoro I did! Parsons for fashion design

babethlafon I did too. I feel that apart from technical skills it has mostly taught me to research, stay open minded and curious about the world and not just art as this is how my art can evolve. Maybe that’s what I prize the most from my education. It’s like a muscle that needs to be trained constantly. I feel that people from other backgrounds tend to be less open-minded, towards art for instance.

bruno_coniglianoYes in Paris, ecole boulle. But the best way to learn is your own curiosity, travel around sketching was the greatest school for me.

laurahickmanillustration I wish I had the chance but no, I’m self-taught.

jasminfuhrillustration I studied fashion design at a small university in Germany and that was where I got in contact with (fashion) illustration first. Young & naive as I was at that time, I’ve never thought this could be a real “job”. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t switch to graphic design.

mm.marconi Yes I did !and many years later I am here with my new project @mmarconi.it

bigfashionbook My major was fashion in university but its classes didn’t teach about illustration much. It was mostly concentrated on draping, making pattern, sewing, textile, fashion history…etc, just for making practical clothes. So drawing was self-taught for me. But my mom’s major in uni was art so as a kid, my home was full of art books, and I think it actually had an effect on me to love art & drawing☺️