Happy Tuesday! I’m so pleased to share another wonderful collaboration with Angela of @imagecreation and Jennifer Liu. (Isn’t it great to take a break from my awful writing?!)

Angela of @imagecreation, showing off her fun and feminine spring style, fashion illustration

The Joy of Dressing


I am a fashion person.  

There, I said it.  This is probably not a surprise if you have been following me on Instagram, but there is a certain stigma to the phrase that shapes how others view people who declare such things.  For example, some words that come to mind are vapid, materialistic, and superficial.  Simply insert adjective here that fits with comical excess and outrageous flamboyance.  

📷 Jennifer Liu

But…what if they simply like pretty clothes and bags?  I personally find joy in viewing and touching beautiful things, and I always found certain designers to be akin to the greatest of artists.  The late Alexander McQueen was a dark genius, while Karl Lagerfeld is a master in the dreams that he weaves for us each season at both Chanel and Fendi.  Should I feel guilty for wanting to incorporate more beauty into my life?  Or can we all just admit that there can be great enjoyment in finding the perfect black pleated skirt to take a twirl in?  (Hey, it’s the little things, right?  And just in case you are thinking that this sounds superficial, I volunteer weekly to read with my eight-year-old mentee, amongst doing other things to serve my community throughout the year.  Incorporating beauty can occur in many ways.)

Fashion is an art form

Chanel flats
📷 Jennifer Liu

For me, fashion is both a sublime thought process and an art form.  I am grateful for this freedom to be able to express myself through the power of dress, and I approach it each day as a joyful intellectual exercise. I dress according to how I feel and what I have to say to the world that day. This season, I’m looking forward to playing with ruffles, sleeve detailing and pleats. I’m not one for the modern street androgyny of such labels as Off-White or Vetements, as talented as those designers may be. Their clothes just don’t strike in me the same chord of delight as, say, something from Simone Rocha, who mixes femininity with cheeky edginess.  I love perusing fashion magazines each month, finding inspiring Instagram accounts, and creating my outfits each day.  This is my joy, and I’m happy to be able to share it.

Angela of @imagecreation, showing off her fun and feminine spring style, photos: Jennifer Liu
📷 Jennifer Liu

Top – ALC
Skirt – Target
Bag and shoesChanel