If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ll know by now that I love love love researching, planning, and organizing. But, at the end of the day, when I’m left with nothing more than a great approach, I can’t help but wonder – at what point does planning equal procrastination?

Lacoste Fashion Illustration, FW 17

Before any major endeavor, it never hurts to have a plan of attack. But, lately, I’ve realized the amount of time spent on strategizing success has far outweighed the amount of time spent on actual efforts. (For example, hours researching “how to write a great blog post” versus actually writing.)

02212017 AW17-Lacoste-1

My creative tendencies definitely borderline on obsessive compulsive like, I imagine, most creative individuals. I could spend days consumed with finding the perfect drawing surface, waiting for the best light, searching for my favorite materials, and uncovering incredible source material.

Add social media into the mix and it becomes even more overwhelming. Any activity feels like it needs to be strategically meaningful, governed by analytics and “pro-tips.” I’m reminded of, “if you forgot your fitness tracker, should you even workout?” Hahahaha. Well, of course! But, I’ve totally been there. Feeling like it’s a waste of effort since it won’t be performed optimally.

Lacoste Fashion Illustration, FW 17

Over the past few weeks, I’ve done serious decluttering… of the mind. It wasn’t hard to realize what I need to do more of. It isn’t researching, planning, strategizing, scheduling, or any of that.

I need to follow that old Nike adage.

Just do it!

To be honest, I’m inclined to think this philosophy can be applied just about anywhere in life. It’s a rare and magical thing if the stars align with ideal circumstances for your venture, whatever it is.

Oh, so I almost forgot. The whole point of this post is that I will work on at least one fashion sketch every day, despite conditions, starting with this fashion week sketch of some Lacoste looks. I’ll try to share them all, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Have a great day!