This isn’t my first time writing about finding my drawing style. And, after much frustration and experimentation – I feel like I am finally getting somewhere!

Fortunately, I was able to ask the expansive internet and it seems like I’m not completely alone in my struggles.

What is your signature style?

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How did you find your style?

delaya_briscoe I’m still kind of looking for it. I have it…I’m just trying to adult-ify it, if you will. But Pinterest helps. 😊

justinteodoro just drawing drawing drawing till it eventually came out 😊

lameep getting inspiration from artists I love (like you!) and experimenting a whole lot. it’s still – and probably always will be a work in progress! 😚

berfa I’m still trying to find and develop it! I think it comes out naturally after a while though! And hopefully, it grows with you as well.

babethlafon I’ve been experimenting a lot of different analog mediums and directions while I was a student and after as well, and I think the style I am currently working with came from wanting to work as quickly as possible with the least mess possible. I’m a real control freak and already as a student I couldn’t cope with all the routine around cleaning brushes and so on. So I guess when I started experimenting with digital painting, I finally found the right balance. I could work with all the analog technics I had learned in a cleaner way and in a tiny corner of my apartment, mess-free! Magic. And it just fitted my life at that moment. No need to invest in a lot of paint and ink and paper, and the whole process just seduced me. I think the bottom line is, it took me a long time to accept that being an illustrator is about working in a medium and with a process that makes you feel good, that you can reproduce over and over again without being bored, no matter if it’s digital, analog, fast or slow, as long as you love doing it. And your style is what comes out of that equation… hope it makes sense!  😘

Just keep drawing

Thanks again to all the many talented and friendly illustrators who took part in my Quick Artist Q&A!