If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that lately, I’ve had a bit of a struggle with motivation. So, I thought this was the perfect topic for a #quickartistqanda on Instagram.

As always, I’m so grateful to the wonderful and talented people who took time to share and contribute. I hope you enjoy their responses as much as I do.

Another Quick Artist Q&A from Instagram with @jasminfuhrillustration and others!tenishajonece No… I don’t. I honestly don’t have that opportunity. I have 3 littles and I home school. I pray for the time to sketch. When I do find the time, I sketch 4 to 5 pieces at a time.

milkglassmenagerie try to

hikatiepea The dream is to draw every day, but I don’t always make that goal! I definitely get into motivation ruts too. Wish I had good advice for that! Reading a little helps my mind reset a lot of times and I feel more open to creative thinking afterward. But I feel like as long as I’m working on my business in some way, I feel good, even if it’s not necessarily drawing that day.

bigfashionbook Yes, I do love to draw every day at least 1 drawing. I used to draw 1 drawing a day but nowadays because of work, I can’t make time for it due to lack of energy from the hard work. Ugh 😑

laurahickmanillustration No I definitely don’t force myself, I’ve started doing colouring in a lot more and I’m reading a lot – I’m enjoying switching off and doing other things when I don’t have the motivation to draw. I embrace it, I’m sure you’ll get the inspiration again and want to do nothing but draw very soon! ✍🏻️✍🏻️✍🏻️

imagecreation If only I could force myself to write every day! I find it hard if I’m not in the proper emotional state. If I’m not 100%, I know my product isn’t going to be 100%, so I sometimes just don’t write/post and work on other things that will help me reach that equilibrium again 😊

berfa No… I def do not draw every day…. I wish I was that disciplined. I do ‘force’ myself to go out to buy coffee and browse the internet every day 🙂 Every time I get inspired I write down the idea for times when I’m not motivated or uninspired. You can do it Katie! I love your stuff!!

mmarconi.it Not every day but quite often, sometimes I just doodle just to warm up the hand…

justinteodoro Yes I try to and pretty much .. I always think of drawing like a muscle you need to exercise every day if you can…

bruno_conigliano Not drawing as much as I wish! At work I am still drawing a lot in a traditional way, but more architectural plan, sketch, almost every day… when I have some free time I like urban sketching or painting, but also need to refresh our mind!!

jasminfuhrillustration Yes, I try to do at least one sketch/illustration every day. But I do not like the word “force” – it should be something natural to you, I think. Being creative makes me so happy as nothing in the world and seeing a finished piece that I like is the best. Sometimes I have such an urge to sketch, I can’t concentrate on anything else. And there is always something to sketch….your desk, the kitchen, your materials….

How do you stay disciplined?