I wanted to do a short bonus bit about long flights and getting that perfect skin to go along with my other airport post. The air on planes is incredibly awful. There is no moisture!

If the flight is over six hours, you might want to carry these extra items to ensure plump and rested looking skin when you reach your destination. Here are some can’t fail tips for dewy skin post-departure.

Pro tip: GET THE SAMPLES! K-beauty for the win!!!

Get the samples!

VNg makes fun of me because whenever I buy skincare products, I’m usually more excited about the free samples I received than the much too over-priced items I actually purchased. He always says, “Good. Most importantly, you got the samples.” He is so right. Tiny (TSA-friendly-sized) samples of a full skin care regimen are essential for extra long flights (like back and forth from Asia.)

Go make-up free

When you fly, your pores open up more than usual. For this reason, do not wear make-up! If you are embarrassed, maybe go for a very light covering of CC cushion. But, try try try to resist! Put on a hat and sunglasses. If you’re worried about looking bad in pictures, just use a makeup app filter in photos. Hahahahaha.

K-Beauty is always there for you and your skin. (;

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Throughout long flights, I am constantly re-applying emulsion and lotion to my face, hands, and décolletage. (These are the areas to protect most!) If you want, bring a small spray bottle of essence or Evian. If you are really aggressive (like me) and care more about your skin than others’ perception of you — bring a face sheet mask and apply it during or around takeoff. This will do a fantastic job of keeping your skin moisturized for the majority of the flight. Sure, you might get a few odd glances here and there, but at the end of the day, who will be deplaning with flawless skin!? That’s, right, you. They’ll be wishing they had their own sheet face mask next time.