Well, I’m packing up and hitting the road again. I can’t wait to share all my travel experiences. But first, I wanted to share some “in-transit essentials.”

Since my style, also known as “no style,” isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea – I’ve reached out to the ever-chic @imagecreation for her “airport uniform.” Once again, she has kindly and generously taken the time to share her go-to outfit. @Imagecreation lends her style prowess with her go to airport uniform

Here’s what she writes:

Comfort is my main priority when I travel, especially for the 16-hour flights to and from Asia that I take at least once a year. I am not ashamed to say that I just wear basic black leggings and a loose silk top, paired with white sneakers – classics that can be re-worn once you are at your destination, depending on the climate.

Travel as Light as Possible

My large wool scarf doubles as a blanket when the plane gets cold, and it can easily fit into my Birkin, which also holds other essentials – my makeup bag, a book, and the latest issues of Porter and Vogue. I try to travel as light as possible, which means I never check in luggage. My general rule of thumb for packing is to realistically assess what I will use while abroad and not bring anything extra that can be categorized as a “just in case” item.

Comfort is Key

I’m with @imagecreation when it comes to comfort and utility. It is my number one priority when preparing for a flight whether it’s two or twenty hours.

For dashing through security, I wear sneakers that are easy to slip on and off and prepare thick socks. (I don’t even want to think about how cruddy the floor is.) I use the same socks on the plane. If it’s an extra-long flight, VNg and I usually pack disposable slippers (not all airlines give them out these days) or put our flip flops in our carry on so we can get up and stretch our legs with minimal effort.

@imagecreation on the go - effortless airport style!

The leggings I choose are a sportier style. I try to workout on vacay, so leggings (and sneakers) do double duty. Since they’re such a basic travel item, I prefer styles with special details at the hem or side. My favorites have pretty laser cutouts. For extra long flights, choose softer styles with less compression. I love Victoria’s Secret’s Everywhere Legging.

Oversized cowl neck hoodies are concealing, flattering, warm, and cozy. I love feeling bundled on the plane. Plus, having the pouch is useful for my ticket, wallet, or phone if I’m listening to music and drifting off to sleep.

Since I’m not as classy as @imagecreation, I swap out a Birkin for a backpack. It’s perfect for my sketchbook, art supplies, iPad, camera, beauty pouch, and other essentials. I never know how the day will end up at the airport. I could be standing in some line for hours or sleeping on the floor overnight. It’s resilient and I won’t feel sad if it’s shoved under someone’s seat.

What’s your favorite travel outfit?