These days, I don’t spend too much time following trends and what’s in fashion. But, sometimes styles are so prevalent, being influenced is unavoidable. Slowly, items creep into my subconscious. Without even realizing it, they start appearing in my sketches. Before I know it, I’m browsing Zara or asos looking for anything to satisfy the trend-lust.Bell-Sleeve Trend

Well, I already have a couple of sweaters with the bell sleeve trend. And, they happen to be two of my favorites. Although, the sleeve shapes on mine aren’t as dramatic as some of the ones I’m seeing lately.

So, what’s the appeal? They have a 70’s vibe, which is also trending. And, they seem feminine and cozy. But you know, I’m sure (like all trends) they will feel dated when we look back a year or two from now.

I like downplaying the exaggerated shape with a soft neutral color. Or, if you’re too practical for sleeves that are going to get in the way of everything, a ribbed cuff is a nice variation.

Finally, here are a few of my favorites. So, the bell sleeve… partake or pass?