When VNg asked me (and Sicily) to move in, it was bittersweet. I was overjoyed he felt we were at that level. But, I couldn’t accept the idea of joining the B&T crowd. How could I live in Jersey City!? (At the time I was Brooklyn-based, which I already considered too far from Manhattan.) Blinded by love, I swallowed my pride and gave up my New York address.

It was worth it.

Aside from my eventual marriage to VNg, the plusses keep piling up. For one, I’m so thankful I met and eventually worked with the awesome creators of Eighty Magazine

Together with AndCo, a spiffy new co-working space, they launched a holiday pop-up shop curated with local talent. I was beyond flattered and excited when they asked if I wanted to participate.

Popping the Pop-Up Shop Cherry

I’ve never sold paper goods before. (Unless you count that time in college my friends and I drew silly cards on the spot for $1 each.) I’ve always romanticized making and selling stationery. Then, I’m brought back to reality when I think about how much work it takes and how saturated the market is. Friends and family suggest I sell stationery all the time. But, I can’t quite decide if the effort is worth the reward.

So, when my awesome gym announced their holiday pop-up, I figured why not? It’s small scale, no registration fee, and close to home. It would be a safe way to see if people would even want anything I made.

Where to start? My bestie came to the rescue with tons of his stationery supplies. I framed original work, matted prints, and created some notecard sets with my favorite sketches.

The Base gym pop-up shop was a relative success! Thank you to my family and incredible friends who stopped by to show their support (and buy my silly art.)

Later that night, the Eighty folks reached out to see if I had some cards and prints to add to their holiday shop. Of course, I said, “yes!” I even made this brownstone notecard set especially for their sale.

In the end, I still haven’t decided if I want to continue selling stationery and prints. I enjoyed making the products and loved sharing something tangible with people again. So… we’ll see. (To be continued!)

In the meantime, I’m so happy to have had the opportunity. I’m forever grateful for this incredible community. (And, that includes this amazing online network!) The people around you influence and inspire infinitely. Without them, I wouldn’t have pushed myself or had the experience.

I hope this upcoming year continues to be filled with friendships and more “uncomfortable” endeavors. Cheers, Jersey City! And, to everyone – a healthy and happy 2017! 🎉