Before 2016 is over, I want to share one of the most awesome jobs I’ve had this year: Live sketching at Bloomingdale’s!

This type of thing is more and more common at fashion events. It’something I’ve always wanted to do. There were a few chances, but they always seemed to fall through. So, I could hardly believe it when I was contacted by Bloomingdale’s. (I mean… Bloomingdale’s!)

Drawing on the spot in front of customers and store associates is intimidating, but altogether worth it. Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is a lot of fun.

Take the ink, leave the cannoli.

This was my fourth time sketching live at Bloomingdale’s. By now, I’ve gotten a good system going. I perfected my set-up. I know what materials I need and what can stay home. (Maaaaaybe leave that full-sized pencil sharpener.) I finessed my 10-15 minute drawing style. And, I’ve can hold some pretty good conversations while I sketch.

Since most customers were bundled up, I had fun drawing them in party attire or stylish shopping outfits.

At the end of each event, I’m pretty exhausted. But, who cares? It’s awesome! I love the challenge of drawing so much without a break or preparation. On top of that, the staff of Bloomingdale’s is lovely to work with. And, it’s cool meeting so many different people.

I truly hope 2017 holds more live sketching events in store.