Just in time to plan your weekend wardrobe, @ImageCreation and @liumonster are lending their talents once again. Angela shares insight into uncovering her casual style alongside Jennifer’s gorgeous photography. I loved reading it and hope you will too! Enjoy another stunning guest post.

@imagecreation looks stunning in her high-low mix of casual wear!

A New Frontier of Dressing

by: Angela H

Outfit: Black Forever 21 dress with cutout shoulders; white H&M sneakers; black BCBG leather jacket; red Chanel classic

I have a confession to make.  For the longest time, up until earlier this year, I only owned two pairs of jeans.  No joke.  And I rarely wore them, not even on weekends.  Yes, I live in America, the country where denim is practically the national uniform.  However, after I graduated from college (where Abercrombie and Fitch was de rigueur at the preppy northeastern university I attended; I will admit to owning two pairs of their dark wash flares), I moved back to New York City, snapped out of my cable knit sweater-insulated senses and stopped wearing jeans.
Angela is a pro at mixing high and low. Dress up your weekend wear with Chanel!

📷 Jennifer Liu

Part of the reason was quite practical – I was now working five days a week in a corporate environment, and jeans were not going to cut it at my law firm.  The other reason was that I never quite found jeans to be comfortable, either metaphorically or literally.  On a recent graduate’s budget, spending more than $200 on the finest denim from Japan was not possible, so I walked into Uniqlo and got the fast-fashion version instead.  Those jeans lasted for nine years (and I still have them!), but they never quite fit my body the way I wanted them to.  In addition, jeans just weren’t me.  Perhaps they were too casual, too cool of a statement, despite being such an everyday wardrobe piece for many women.  I just could not figure out how to feel like myself while wearing a pair of jeans.

📷 Jennifer Liu

Or perhaps I just hadn’t mustered enough of a presence yet to feel comfortable projecting that casual, cool attitude, especially when I was still that shy girl inside (and still am – don’t let these photos fool you).  Until I figured out what it was that I wanted to express to the world, and how to do so effectively, I simply blended in.  It wasn’t until this year that I realized I could use clothing to complement my voice and my message to reach my goals.

📷 Jennifer Liu

And now, the most paradoxical thing is that weekend wear confuses me.  Without the rules of corporate dressing, weekends are the new frontier, and jeans are only the beginning in this adventure of expression.  I’m still not a huge fan of wearing pants in general, so I turn to comfortable knit dresses that incorporate a trend of the moment (right now, it’s cutout shoulders, like on this black Forever 21 piece), preferably worn with a pair of equally easy shoes (white canvas sneakers can go with almost everything, and this H&M pair is perfect).  This outfit – practical, simple, comfortable – is a projection of the ease I have found in my own skin.