oh hayyy! how's about a quick fashion illustration. (;

Picture me, buried in a pile of tissues, still in pajamas. (Maybe it’s after 5 o’clock. But, who cares? I’ve been destroyed by this cold the past week.) Unexpectedly, the doorbell rings. I scramble for a housecoat. I dash to the door to find a visitor for my neighbors explaining he accidentally hit the buzzer. “Oh, okay, no worries. See you later! Sorry!” I reply.


What?! Why did I apologize?! I didn’t do anything! I didn’t interrupt someone’s creative flow, make them stumble all over the house, and run in a haze of congestion and dizziness to the door. (😂 Okay, I’m over-dramatizing. Honestly, no ill intent toward the perpetrator.) What bothered me, and has been plaguing me since is that I apologized instantly like a reflex.

WHAT! is that?!

If you Google “women apologize,” you’ll see tons of results from the New York Times to Lena Dunham on the topic.


It isn’t news to me. I’ve read the articles! I tell girlfriends, “don’t apologize” when they so often respond with, “I’m sorry” while discussing lunch preferences, opinion on movies, pretty much everything and anything.

Ladies, what is this about?!

We have to stop being so sorry (especially if there’s nothing to truly be sorry about!) It has to end. And I’m sorry but I’m starting now.