I’m thrilled sharing today’s post. I had the pleasure of collaborating with two ultra-talented ladies, @ImageCreation (remember her?) and Jennifer Liu. I know you’ll enjoy a change from the usual with excellent writing and lots of outfit photos! Plus, Chanel!!


A Question of Elegance

by: Angela H

This past summer, I got into a heated discussion with someone who criticized my fashion sense.  Sudden feelings of insecurity about my physical appearance aside, the conversation overall felt like an attack on my identity and left me reeling for a number of weeks in a struggle to define what my style was, and, in turn, who I was myself.  My conclusion was that one’s wardrobe is a physical manifestation of one’s personality traits – a curated testament to knowing yourself and the message you want to send to the world.


📷 Jennifer Liu

Choosing my outfit each morning was never something I put too much thought into.  I am instinctively driven towards monochromatic black looks that incorporate clean lines with a dash of femininity, and highly averse to anything too sexually suggestive (unless the occasion warrants it).  There are plenty of dresses and skirts in my closet, with very few pairs of pants.  I have as many pairs of flats as I do pairs of heels.  My handbag choices, primarily classic Chanel quilted styles, will stand the test of time.  Nothing is particularly attention-grabbing, unless you appreciate great cuts and fabrics, or the whimsy in an unexpected detail.  I suspect all of this makes me boring to some, but who cares?

📷 Jennifer Liu

Essentially, my closet says that I am a shy person who prefers that her words resonate with strength rather than volume.  I have nothing to prove to anyone, and therefore do not seek to draw attention to myself through obvious displays of skin.  I am not here to perpetuate antiquated stereotypes.  The Italian phrase “fare la bella figura” (a concept loosely translated as “look your best”) matters to me.  I consider myself feminine, but not girly; measured, but not controlling; practical, but not dull.  If the essence of me could be distilled into one outfit, it would be this simple, well-cut black Zara dress with white cuffs and a hemline short enough to show off my legs but not scandalously so, worn with Chanel pearl-studded flats and a quirky minaudière shaped like the infamous No. 5 perfume bottle.


📷 Jennifer Liu

To go back to that discussion which provoked me to think about personality and style, I was told by that person that I may as well wear a burqa because I was seemingly so conservative.

I wish I had said at the time that I simply prefer to conduct myself with a quiet elegance.