This is a fashion sketch from my last trip to Hawaii. (It’s from the Chanel Fall/Winter ’16 ad campaign.)

I just got back from vacation. This time, my best friend and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas! (The land of gambling, shopping, and most importantly In-n-Out accessibility.)

a sketch from the Chanel F/W 16 ad campaign

Whenever I travel, I always bring along a sketchbook, a small watercolor palette, and other travel supplies. Sometimes, I’m sketching all weekend and other times they don’t get a second glance. And then there are times when the atmosphere is just begging for a sketch session.

Our lovely ocean-facing balcony situation was one such time.

VNg was actually in Vegas for a business conference and the bestie and I are tagged along cos, why not?! Since I was surrounded by my two best guys, it was hard finding a quiet time to draw. But, I did manage to get in a few poolside drawings. I’ll be sure to upload them here soon!

Thanks for viewing!