Originally, I rented a space in a shared studio a few blocks away from my home. Lack of use and desire to buy more shoes prompted me to take over our guest room. (Although, I guess if you wanna be technical, my original workspace was a tiny Ikea table in our living room/dining room/kitchen. Welcome to the New York Metro area.)

I’m really happy with my decision. I get a lot done, spend less on coffee or food, and eat healthier. Plus, I get more quality time with that Sicily cat. On the flipside, I can get super stir-crazy. Especially when weather conditions are extreme. (Picture me in full conversation with the cat.) And sometimes I don’t even change out of pajamas or eat anything resembling real food. #MikeandIke

Let’s see what the rest of the internet had to say.Workspace? For me, it's the in home studio!

bigfashionbook Wow, this is fun😀 Anyway, I work at home, in my room. I don’t know why but I can’t work at any other places, especially, if there are other people, I just can’t move my hand. Totally freeze. So actually no one has seen me working in person. Even if my mom comes to my room, I just stop all. Totally stop and waiting for her to leave my room… 😏

mrscouto0930 I have an office in my guest room that my husband made for me. But, I have an old card table in my bedroom with an ocean view that I continue to use which drives my husband nuts.

1stofthehousepancake Home studio! I can’t focus in cafes or around other people…

berfa I work at home in my room to help save cost! 😉

mformerry somehow I always end up at the dining room table or on the couch, but I keep on telling myself I just need to rework my workspace THEN I’ll work there 🙄

justinteodoro I wish!!! Work from home 😬😬

carlosvisualdiary Luckily I do have a space I can call my studio. It’s got plenty of light and it’s the place I could be all day and night working.

jasminfuhrillustration I work from home, so my office is part of my living room. It’s the easiest way for me – I need my own space and all my books around me and it’s nice to have your bed just one room away from you when you work till late at night. Although I have to agree with the others, the missing commute is the negative part of working from home.

Could you work from home? Or, do you need that outside workspace?