Each season, I plan to share my favorite must have’s based on shows, street style, and what’s in store. I love examining at all these channels and figuring out the key pieces. (It’s like figuring out a puzzle, but better because the final conclusion is usually me buying that item. ^o^)

@thefashioncuisine in my favorite fall must have - the hat!

First, I realized they were in almost all of my street style shots. Then, everything I screenshot from Instagram (like my sketch of @thefashioncuisine) or Vogue Runway has, you guessed it, hats, hats, and more hats.

I get it! A good hat can be an easy way to add that extra touch of elegance or attitude. Pair a satin baseball cap with your jeans and tee? Instantly beyond basic. Pop a wool fedora (actually my favorite right now) over a sweater dress with ankle boots? Boom. Sophisticated style.

The last time I went shopping with my mom she goes, “So I see you’re on the hunt for a good hat.” Yes, mom. Yes! And you should be too! (Just kidding, my mom probably has like thirty hats I’m sure all fabulous and from the 70’s.) Luckily for me, and you, the options are abundant.

I love the fedora style in fall colors like navy or olive, but you can’t go wrong with classic black or brown. I actually found two last week at Madewell on super markdown (the best!)

Have you started putting together your Fall Must Have’s?