A couple of days ago, I wrote about this series where I annoy other Instagrammers to find out if I’m the only one who can’t get anything done after 3pm… Believe it or not, the internet is a warm place. A lot of them enjoyed sharing their feedback and this feature took off!

The insights and input from these talented individuals are priceless. (Be sure to visit them on Instagram, you won’t regret it.)

I'm most productive before 8am and after 8pm. Hahahahahahaha.

babethlafon Between 8 am and 2 pm … After that I’m quite slow 😅

laurahickmanillustration About 3-4am but sadly I don’t get to see it very often!

kizzyki Usually 8-10a

carlosvisualdiary Anytime. If I’m traveling I could be sketching all day and night. Home routine is different, I do best when the world around me is sleeping.

biancafranco 8am-2pm

hikatiepea I’m an early afternoon kind of gal. I like getting the busy work out of the way first thing in the AM and then go into the creative stuff!

berfa 2pm-10pm

jasminfuhrillustration I’m a night owl, so everything between 10pm and 3am. There is no phone ringing &the radio stations play great music.

justinteodoro I’m the same I think … usually a productive night owl

In conclusion, it seems like most of us are either full-speed ahead first thing in the morning or ultimate creatures of the night. (3-4pm looks the least fruitful. I know I’m crashing right about then and probably standing in front of my refrigerator. 😂)

How about you? What are your magic hours?