I caught Michelene on one of the last really hot summer days in the city. She was walking with a friend and (with newly formed courage) I approached her. Like most everyone I’ve asked since forming this project, she was friendly and happy to pose. Street style in Soho, sketch it!the West Village, Bleecker St.Michelene Augustine in Soho!I absolutely love how casual AND glam/rock her outfit is. She definitely looks like she knows how to put a good look together.

Also, how amazing are the cuffs on her t-shirt?! I know it sounds dorky, but I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. My team and I spent hours perfecting the folds and tucks for presentations. (It had to look effortless but in reality, we labored over it with pins and spray. 😂 Welcome to retail. Smoke and mirrors, my friends. Smoke and mirrors!)
All about today's street style sketch, Michelene AugusteI should have known Michelene was a model. She posed like a pro!Sweet street style (;Isn’t she adorable? Never underestimate the charm of a basic cap! Here she is patiently and graciously sharing her information for the post.

Are you liking these street style sketches?

Now that Fall is really in full effect, what kind of outfits should I track down? Also, I am heading to Vegas this week. Should I shoot some street style photos there?! 👯 #showgirlstyle