Whenever I ball up yet another failed illustration (which is often), I can’t help wondering–is it just me? Am I the only illustrator facing these struggles? I think about my process and wish I had someone to discuss it with. (Other than my husband. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the support but, his input on “the artist’s struggle” is limited.)

Discovering process: My Quick Artist Q&A series

Enter my “Quick Artist Q&A!” If you follow my Instagram, hopefully you noticed (and enjoy.)

I thought it could be a cool way to channel that college studio vibe I miss so much. You know, surrounded by incredibly talented individuals who constantly challenge and inspire. They have the best constructive feedback and original ideas. They’re ridiculously blessed with innovation and skill. (Although, honestly, I was too busy following around my boyfriend to appreciate the best part of my college environment. 😂 Stupid! To all young girls out there, dump your boyfriend! Make friends and appreciate your peers!!)

Stay tuned…

So many of the incredible artists on Instagram have been generous sharing their time and process. I’ll be collecting them here in case Instagram ever crashes or accidentally wipes everyone’s accounts or something… 😰