Owo is the first person I was brave enough to approach for my and lucky me, she was in true New York Fashion friendly with unique and unbeatable style. Thanks to the internet, we’ve learned a little more about each other and hopefully I’m more than just “that awkward girl who asked to take her picture.Owo has a "flare" for the dramatic hahahaha.I was flattered and surprised when she reached out to me about collaborating. Her Ankara-inspired designs are truly beautiful, so it was easy turning them into fashion illustrations.
Black and white and graphic all over <3Intricate patterns are intimidating to sketch, but they really are fun. (If you’re following me on Instagram, I hope you’re enjoying the process videos.).Getting all the tiny details on Owo's outfit was fun... but daunting!I hope you like today’s sketch and be sure to check out Owo’s inspiring Instagram feed!