My insecurity of approaching and photographing strangers is slowly falling away. 🎉 Unfortunately, I haven’t completely conquered it. I was too awkward/felt bad interrupting to ask for any information so, I’m sorry to say I don’t even have her Instagram handle. 😔 (fear = regret = not worth it! Lesson learned.)

Easy and comfortable transitional style in a gorgeous shade of red.

Soho, Greene St.

Regardless, I was happy I encountered this lovely lady and walked away with a couple of great shots. I’m really addicted to these wide and flowy pants (as I’m sure the rest of the world is or will be soon enough.)

Love her manicure, too! Understated, but classy!

I really liked how simple and structured her bucket bag was. Also, the scale! 😍 Sometimes I feel they can be a little overbearing for petite frames.

On the street in Soho, comfortable style in transitional colors!

I don’t know about you, but when I have a long day of walking ahead of me, I struggle with balancing comfort and style. Don’t you think this looks perfect for exploring and enjoying Soho? I love it!

Thanks so much for viewing.

Are you enjoying my street style sketches? Next, up: Paris Fashion Week sketches!