The fear of approaching strangers and taking their picture is slowly diminishing. (Hooray!) Additionally, I’m working hard on improving my photography skills. I even registered for a class at FIT. (Back to school, back to school to prove to dad I’m not a fool.)

Aaaaanyway, this past Friday I decided to gather my courage and hit the streets to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and capture the final glimpses of summer style. (😢 Farewell summer, my love…)

I had so much fun sketching the adorable style of Gaby Haam!

Soho, West Broadway and Prince St.

I ran into Gaby and her friend on West Broadway. She was so sweet and gracious about letting me take her picture. (Also, her Instagram feed is new but beautiful. Check it out.)

How simple yet special is her outfit? The details and accessories really elevate the look. Her silver accent sneakers were my favorite! I mean, everyone’s wearing white sneakers but these were really special.

Amazing dress, shoes, bag... Style via Gaby Haam!! <3

I’m having a lot of fun with my street style, so I’ll be (trying to) increase posts and photos! That, or I just love the extra torture of pushing myself outside my comfort zone. 😂

(Side note: By popular request, I got a stand for my iPhone so I’ve been posting more time-lapse painting process videos on my feed!)

Thanks for viewing, I hope you liked today’s post!