Fashion week month is whizzing by. Despite taking it all in from (the comfort of) my desk, I’m thoroughly enjoying the culmination of all the teams’ hard work. Having been a part of it before, and with a lot of friends losing sleep and missing meals for the past few months, I really appreciate all the dedication, effort, and time that goes into these shows.

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Toga

It’s also fun picking up on the trends as they start to surface, becoming clearer with each show. I’m especially loving all the gingham and menswear prints showing up!! Toga pulled at my heartstrings with this look which combined the two, not to mention it was ridiculously fun to paint.

London Fashion Week - Quick fashion illustrations, watercolor

I’m having way too much fun hunched over my desk, quickly scrawling these in my sketchbook. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I just discovered the time-lapse feature on my phone. (Hahaha, I know – I’m such ahjumma. I’m SUPER noob, so please excuse the shadows and camera shake.)

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Erdem

I didn’t do this lace-eriffic Erdem piece justice – see the real deal. The show is fantastic.

Spring Summer 2017 London Fashion Week Topshop Unique

As soon as I saw this, I couldn’t RESIST painting it. Tulle, layers, monochrome! I had to. Topshop Unique really laid it on heavy with the 80’s party vibe, but I have to admit, I enjoyed it.

Now, we’re already onto Milan… I’m still trying to catch up with all the London shows. What were your favorites?