My anniversary staycation is over and we’re back with your regularly scheduled programming: street style sketches!

Another street style sketch - summer whites on Xi!the Flatiron District, 5th Ave.

I’m not gonna lie, I still haven’t overcome my shyness and fear when approaching strangers.

Also, my schedule was overwhelmed probably during the worst possible time: fashion week. 😫 I definitely should have taken advantage of all the amazing outfits out there in the wild… unfortunately,  I was chained to my desk (or sick in bed.) 😪

Well, back to the struggle. Friday, I attempted to get more photos (and approached one person ❕) but was unsuccessful.

Hoping to improve my chances of taking good/usable photos, I’ve registered for a (social media focused) photography class. 😀 I’m really excited and can’t wait to go back to school!

Hi, Xi!

Anyway, Xi here was gracious enough to let me interrupt her and her friends so I could snap a few photos for today’s post. (Isn’ t she a natural in front of the camera?!)

I really love her easy summer style. Aside from an awesome cut and cute details, her top has a great Baja stripe. But being neutral, her all-white ensemble perfectly brings the beach to the city.

She gorgeously demonstrates mixing whites and how to beat the heat without sacrificing style. 😉 I’m hoping we still have a few weeks of summer weather left. Temperatures have started dropping, but my fingers are crossed we don’t immediately plummet into the depths of frigid NYC winter.

Cutie, Xi, in summer whites with neutral stripes and beachy vibes.

Want to help me collect street style? If you have some fun OOTD photos, I’d love to see and maybe we can get a fun illustration and post out of it! Email or message me on Instagram. 😘