While I was in Hawaii, I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the major trends I saw. Waikiki is an area with a heavy concentration of Australian, Japanese, and Korean tourists so it was fun spotting the popular styles.

A quick sketch of hot trends at the beach (in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii!)

A lot of girls were rocking the jeans and tee combo. It’s such a no-brainer! I love how chic it can be with statement sunnies 🕶, an easy (leather?!) tote, and sporty slides.

There were loads of rompers out there in every variety. My personal favorite is the utility romper. I look at one whenever I go shopping, but I just can’t commit. (It’s the inconvenient restroom factor that ultimately deters me.)

While I was in Japan, I saw the wide-leg pant a lot. Hawaii was no different. The shape appeared in every length and style: formal, casual, frilly, or sleek and modern. American girls have already been adopting the trend; I’ve two pairs myself and I’m planning on making them my essential bottoms this fall.

Of course, the simple column dress was out in droves. I’m sure this will be making a reappearance all fall, too (over turtlenecks 😍 or under jackets.)

And last but not least, nearly every girl was wearing an off-the-shoulder top/romper/dress/swimsuit/one-piece. While I’m getting pretty tired of this detail – I thought the cutest combo was with a full-circle midi skirt (another personal favorite.)

I know most everyone has taken their final summer trip but if you haven’t, I hope this quick little guide can help you plan your wardrobe! 😘