Recently, (like most of the Greater New York area) I’ve been exercising more frequently. Combined with the heat and humidity of summertime, I feel like I need to shower 2-3 times a day… which is terrible for my (fine, limp, and bodyless) hair.

Bedtime should be whimsical and fun!

During my visit to Berkeley,  my friend suggested (and recommended) dry shampoo as a solution. I know, I know – I am very late to the dry shampoo party. But, I was grossed out by the concept of not washing my hair. She told me to stop being ridiculous and explained that it’s great for fine all hair because it adds texture and volume and you’re not continually stripping your hair with water and harsh shampoo.

The way dry shampoo works (which I didn’t know) is (typically) silica or starch absorb the oil and grease from your hair, then you brush it out (taking along the oils.) So, it’s great for people with dry scalp.

Protect your hair, the Earth, and smell like chocolate... winning all around!

She also told me it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own with a few ingredients. But, lucky for (lazy) me, we happened to see this one while we were out.

To use it, you tap it onto the roots of your hair (with a makeup brush.) Sometimes I do this step in the shower or with a towel around my shoulders for easy clean-up. Next, flip your head upside down brush it out. Easy!

The branding for Fat and the Moon is really adorable. I also love that the three ingredients are pure and simple (no aluminum here!) The cocoa powder adds a soft and subtle color to hair, giving it a little more texture and volume. The starch and kaolin clay absorb the bad stuff!

Carefully formulated for the optimal clay/starch/cocoa ratio!

I’ve used this several times and really like it. It delivers on all promises. It makes my hair smell delicious and feel clean, full, and bouncy.

Pro tips: Always apply dry shampoo to completely dry hair. Wait two full minutes before styling your hair.

If you try it out, I hope you like it!