The second street style sketch is here and full of surprises! I hope you like it!

Sun aka @misspoutythe Financial District, Brookfield Place

I am still getting the hang of approaching strangers and to be honest, I’m such a wuss I have a success rate of one photo per every six hours of lugging my heavy 🍑 camera around.

Well, my friend and I unknowingly planned to hang out on one of the hottest and most miserable days of the month. Because of that, we chose to meet at Brookfield Place. (For those of you who don’t know, Brookfield Place is a bougie mall near the World Trade Center.)

Sun is amazing!

So, I’m drenched in sweat (😜 overshare, sorry) trying to find my friend in this mall when I couldn’t help noticing AMAZING staying-cool-in-the-heat style. I had to be brave, right? It was totally worth it!

Sun was so sweet, letting me direct her and take several photos (yes, I finally took more than one picture 😂) even though she was running to catch her train (I hope she made it!)

Incredible style on the go!

Would you believe my luck!? After I checked out her Instagram I have to say I am not surprised she has such effortless style. She is the owner of a very chic store in Greenpoint, Pas Mal.

I’m learning from these experiences that NYC is filled with friendly, talented, and incredible people (and to be brave!) I hope you liked today’s post and check-out Sun’s cute shop. 😊