I am so excited about this new part of Sketchbook Closet!

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know I struggle with coming up with inspiring material. I’m always hoarding magazines and sneaking photos of cute outfits. Well, I’ve decided to stop creeping (for the most part) and officially capture all that awesome style out there.

08132016-Street-Style-OwoSoho, Spring St.

First of all, mad props to all street style photographers! It takes major courage to approach a total stranger and ask to take their picture. (Many may not believe it, but I’m a pretty shy person and it took me weeks to work up the nerve to even consider walking around with my camera.) Fortunately for me and contrary to popular belief, New York City is full of friendly and awesome people!

All about Owo!

I feel so lucky that Owo is the first person I attempted to ask; she and her friend were so kind and warm when I stopped them. She was even excited to fill out my little quiz. And, it’s almost like fate: she is an artist (with unbeatable style!)

Owo work in progress

I’m so glad I mustered the courage to stop her… if only my photo did her more justice. (I was so nervous, I quickly snapped just two so I could capture her outfit to draw so I didn’t include it.) I definitely need to up my photography game. Tips and pointers are welcome!