Hi 👋 to the few of you who are still reading this. Life has been incredibly busy (shocker.)

I’m still trying to figure out my routine and gain insight into what my real focus needs to be. I was having a conversation yesterday with a good friend who seems to be going through the same struggle: striking balance! As we get older, it’s increasingly challenging to juggle work, passion, friends, family, personal time, and the romantic relationship.

Sneakers or Sandals

I’ve been traveling on and off for what feels like the last two months. VNg is steadfast, focusing on his work, and I’m in this exploratory state/trying to take advantage of pre-baby times. (No, I’m not pregnant.) 😜

I’ve been lucky enough visit friends and family in Texas, the Bay Area, Upstate New York, and Rhode Island. I’m finally back, hopefully for a while, in Jersey City. And, I’ve got a pile of work, a ton of house chores, plus I’m leaving my amazing shared space, 313 Gallery and Studios. So, I have to move out and set up my workspace at home.

It feels a little overwhelming, especially coming off a long period of rest and relaxation. But, I know I’ll get it all done; and hopefully have some fun (catch some Pokemon) in the process!

Sidenote: Yes. I cannot stop playing Pokemon Go. This is probably the biggest hurdle getting in the way of in completing my tasks. Gotta catch ’em all! Are you guys playing? It’s so fun! Just don’t walk into oncoming traffic. 😉