Gucci Fall/Winter Collection '16 Runway

A lot has happened! VNg and I went on a 14-day trip to Hong Kong and Japan (amazing!) I’m up to my ears in work (so thankful!) And we moved into our first house!

Amidst all the packing (and unpacking) I was once again confronted by the stacks of new or half-filled sketchbooks I’ve been moving with me from place to place. (I’m pretty sure some date back to college. 🙊)

Well, I’ve been listening to TED talks, making calendars,  organizing ideas, and basically trying to get my 💩 together. I made two decisions. I will not neglect this blog! And, I will use up each and every page in each and every one of my sketchbooks before I purchase another!

Often times, I put off to sketching or posting because I want it to be “perfect.” (Blame over-sharing/Instagram/pressure to “look amazing every time.”) But, I really want to let go of that. I know doing more and making more (good or bad) will lead to growth and ultimately (hopefully) improvement. Before social media, my sketchbooks were filled with unfiltered ideas, scribbles, and drawings. I want to get back to that!

I’m really excited about it and wanted to share. That’s all! (: