You thought “wedding Wednesday” was gone, but it’s not! 👯👯👯

Pocket Squares

I recently read an adorable “gift guide” post over at Styla Petite and it made me think of my little pre-wedding project. Being the control freak I am, I was a very “hands-on” bride. It’s hard for me to walk away from something without putting in 200% and I hoped all the tiny details and special touches would make the day memorable for everyone.

pocket squares - Chellise Michael Photographypocket squares

Since we attended ten other weddings that year, VNg spent a lot of time trying coming up with a unique and useful gift for his best friends. I came up with the pocket square idea because (a) it’s super stylish (b) it helped coordinate the guys with my bridesmaids’ navy gowns (c) I hoped it was something they could use again and keep forever.

pocket squares - Chellise Michael Photography Pocket Squares

Making the pocket squares wasn’t necessarily cost-effective. You can probably buy one for around $20-50 each. The yardage I bought was linen, silk-linen blends, and cotton-linen blends; not cheap. But, it gave me the range of colors and patterns I wanted. Ultimately, all the men in the wedding (including the dads) got their bride-made pocket squares. It was a small detail, easily missed during the chaos and energy of the day, but when I look back I’m so glad it’s there.

pocket squares - Chellise Michael Photography

Here’s my brother looking incredibly hip and dapper with his. What do you think, control-freak handmade details a yes or a no?

(Photographs by Chellise Michael Photography)