ValentinoToday’s Fashion Illustration:
striped dress $$$$ Valentino or$ similarknee high boots $$$ here or $ here

I fell in love with this look the moment I saw it on the runway. The whole collection drew me in with its graphic boldness and folkloric spin. (And, I mean – they had Derek and Hansel. 😂)


As an illustrator, pieces like this are just screaming to be painted. I’m not the first, and I doubt I’ll be the last.

I had a lot of fun with this piece and I can only imagine how incredible it would feel to wear this dress. It’s so bold and perfect! I always see things like this in editorials and think, “God, I would be amazing in that.” But, any time I actually buy something bold and “statement-y,” when I’m in my closet I think, “Hahahaha, I can’t wear this. Oh, hello black and sweater and black jeans!” Am I alone here?

Do you have anything bold and graphic like this? The closest I’ve got is a maxi skirt I only brave at the beach. 🙂