Seoul Fashion Week, @KangtonioToday’s Fashion Illustration:
bright blue jacket $$$ Stella McCartneytextured midi skirt $$$ here or $ this dress, gorgeous purple suede pumps $$$ Manolo Blahnik or $ here

There wasn’t a ton of coverage for Seoul Fashion Week, but as a true believer of it as the new center of style and trend – I tried soaking up as much as I could. There was considerably more content  around street style versus the shows. (A quick peek at #seoulfashionweek is proof. Warning: you can get lost in the bottomless abyss of style!) Regardless, there was much inspiration.

This beautiful outfit is straight from my Instagram feed. @Kangtonio has tons of SFW street shots, including the one I referenced for this sketch.

Seoul Fashion Week, @Kangtonio

There were a lot of great collections, too. My favorites are from Studio J.Koo and Low Classic.  I’m drawn to accessible styles with clean lines and updated classic shapes.

If you’re searching for more coverage on SFW, there are tons of street style round-ups and overviews.

Did you keep up with Seoul Fashion Week? What was your favorite collection?