I need these Nike Air Max 90's in my lifeToday’s Fashion Illustration:
silk blouse $ Nordstrom or $$$ Vince, ruffle flounce skirt $ Ralph Lauren or $$$$ Fendi, Air Max 90 $$ Nike, convertible clutch $ Rebecca Minkoff (on sale!) or $$$ Claire V

While my legs aren’t nearly that long, I admit this sketch is based on an outfit I recently wore. On one of those days when it was warmer, I quickly threw this on underneath a field jacket. A couple of my colleagues commented on how “cute I looked” and one friend remarked, “Love your outfit! You look like Eva Chen!” I was like 👯👯👯 #winning! (We’ve already talked about how I’m terrible at putting together cute outfits. So when someone says something like that, remember that outfit and wear it as much as you can! I mean, GOD I wish I were even close to being as cool as Eva Chen.)

This is how the illustration started out!

What’s great about this outfit is it’s extremely comfortable. A silk blouse is a necessity for any wardrobe, regardless your style. It goes with so many styles and items. I like the flounce skirt because it is flattering for my shape and height. And, it adds some feminity to my lazy-boy-sneakers. (I actually have the Nike Pegasus and am considering buying a second pair… Should I!?!?) I love them so much so they’re getting a little worn down. The ones I sketched are the Air Max 90 which I am ALSO considering buying. God, I hope my husband isn’t reading this. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anyway, I like this outfit because (I guess) it comes off as polished and put together, but is actually really easy and comfortable! Does anyone out there love sneakers (or Eva Chen 😂) as much as I do?

Thanks for viewing, friends.