shoes-02Today’s Fashion Illustration:
lace bow pumps $$$ Kate Spadepop color flats $$$ Tory Burch, Flex Supreme Trainers $$ Nike, block heel sandals $ asos, strappy sandal $$$ Stuart Weitzman or $ here

Although I didn’t complete 100 shoe drawings, I thought it was worth a look back.

I’m obsessed with shoes (wow, that sounds so bad!) But, seriously they are my kryptonite. I could have the strongest resolve to save money but buckle in a second at a pretty pair. As a result, I have over 100 pairs of shoes. (*ashamed*) I mean, it’s not like I own tons of Louboutin’s or anything!!! (Let’s be real, most of these probably cost me $50 or less.)

I thought forcing myself to paint all my shoes would not only help me improve my watercolor skills, but also help me assess my collection. Additionally, I enthusiastically vowed not to purchase another pair until the 100 days were up.

Well, I made it 50 days. I did learn a lot, though!

Sadly, I realized I have a lot of duplicative styles. Now, when I shop (for anything, not just shoes) I ask myself, “Do I already have something that achieves this look?” In the past, I might have bought a black pump and a black snake pump. But, I realized they accomplish the same end use. So, I’ll default to the more comfortable pair. Which brings me to my second conclusion: comfort is king! No matter how gorgeous or how marked down the style is, if it is painful… they wont’ see the light of day!

From an illustrative standpoint: I did increase in speed. I was pumping out a painting in 30-45 minutes. But, it got very formulaic and I wasn’t really learning or growing from the process.  So, It was a cool project, but a bit restrictive in terms of pushing myself or experimenting. I probably should have forced myself to try some different materials or styles, but then they wouldn’t look pretty all together! Haha.

Did you follow my shoe journey? Or, do you have any other #100dayproject journals that were your favorites? I’d love to see!

Thanks for viewing, guys!