Petite Maison of Fashion Emma TaylorToday’s Fashion Illustration: via Petite Maison of Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, Emma Taylor of Petite Maison of Fashion contacted me interested in collaborating. Between her friendly correspondence and adorable style, it was easy to say yes.

I had so much fun working with Emma illustrating her looks. (Her post is here.) She was also graciously agreed to answer a few questions about herself (and her blog.) I can’t thank Emma enough for her lovely feature and thoughtful answers.

Read on. And, if you haven’t visited her site, do so!

Emma Taylor of Petite Maison of Fashion - isn't she adorable?
Why did you start Petite Maison of Fashion?
I started Petite Maison of Fashion with my friend Miki. We used to blog together but she’s going off to college so I decided to take over the blog. We both loved fashion and photography, as well as writing. Having a fashion blog demands those three subjects which was quite perfect!

Fashion illustrations of cute spring outfits and clothes from the Sketchbook Closet x Petite Maison of Fashion

What do you enjoy most about running your blog?

The comments I get from my readers truly are the best thing about running my blog. I have some followers who consistently write me thoughtful and personal notes that are always a pleasure to read. The back and forth commenting between my followers and me keeps me going. I know that I’m not just posting for anybody but for people who care about my blog.

You woke up late and have to run out the door. You throw on:

I just bought an adorable dress from Marshalls in the athletic section. It’s a black and white printed dress with a great strap detail in the back. I’d throw on my red espadrilles, grab my black go-to sunglasses and my favorite Meg Erickson clutch to head out the door in a rush.

Who is your style icon and why?

Karlie Kloss is not only my style icon but role model. I am obsessed with her shoots for Vogue etc. She always is dressed to perfection and I love that she cares about a healthy body. She makes a point in staying fit by working out and eating a balanced diet and not starving herself like other models. She’s really all about a healthy simple life. It’s the little things that she seems to care about.