Convertible back pack purse, Kate Spade. New York City fashion illustration

Today’s Fashion Illustration:
leather backpack 
$ Sole Society, $$ Kate Spade, $$$ Alice & Olivia

I saw a girl on the street with this backpack and had instantaneous envy. The obvious appeal of a backpack is how effortless it looks (and is!) But, this one had the clean and classic lines of Kate Spade and, the gorgeous texture of pebbled leather. (I’m a sucker.)

Unfortunately, I’m on a (100 day) shopping moratorium. Hopefully it lasts until July!

Typically, I carry a ton of junk. Friends tease I’m already an ahjumma. Need tissues? Got ’em. Splashed sauce on your shirt? Let me Tide pen you. No soap in the restroom? Here, take this or this. Need lip balm? Hand sanitizer? Breath mints? Oil blotting sheets?! I’VE GOT IT ALL! Not to mention, sometimes I carry my iPad mini (for sketching), my soft-cover Moleskine (for creeping on you), and about thirty pens. My shoulder feels it. A friend suggested a backpack, but I already look like I’m fourteen.

This could be the perfect solution!! Anyone out there have a non-school/sporty backpack they love? Please share, I must know!

Thanks so much for viewing. I hope you liked today’s illustration.