watercolor fashion sketches of daily outfits of the day, sorry Mom, not a lot of color here...Today’s Fashion Illustration:
My favorites: Nike Sky High $$ sneakers, perforated slip-ons $$ Via Spiga or $ similar, destroyed denim skinny jeans $ AEO or $$ similar, extreme legging $ Denim X or $$$ similar, ankle boots $$$ Rag & Bone or $ similar

A friend sent me the Tumblr of a talented illustrator who is also into sketching her outfits daily. She calls it “color blocking.” Definitely check it out (and her amazing comic.)

Anywho, that hashtag combined with this post on paring down your wardrobe inspired me to actually catalog my daily outfits. (I also thought it could help me figure out “my uniform.”)

It was fun but made me realize (1) my “style” is waaaaaay boring and (2) I don’t really pay attention to a lot of the details on my clothes. (I found myself pulling them out to reference seam placement or small details.) As an illustrator, I think that’s a nice reminder for observing everything in my day-to-day life. After all, the better I can mentally record visual information, the better I will be able to express it through drawing. (:

I hope you liked my boring weekday outfits!