Simple Saturday watercolor fashion illustration sketch - this looks nothing like me, by the way
Today’s Fashion Illustration:
textured boxy coat $ similarchambray shirt $ Levi’s, high waisted leggings $ Solow or $$ Rag & Bone, ‘574’ Sneakers $ New Balance

I’m reading this book about willpower which says energy for discipline is depleted by other strenuous activities, physical or emotional. (Which explains why you yield in front of the TV with take-out and a bag of M&M’s, instead of cooking, reading, or working out, after one of those days.)

Decision-making is a top culprit. The more choices you’re forced to make – the less energy is left for willpower. The book suggests removing fluffy choices from your life. One of these – is wardrobe. (Is this calling to mind something you read about Steve Jobs’ “uniform?”)

My desire to get more done and focus on illustration had me pondering what my everyday uniform would be. I tried referencing my “go to” outfits. What did I throw on if I woke up late or had no idea?

I still haven’t landed it, but this outfit is definitely a repeat offender: chambray shirt, leggings, and sneakers. Can’t fail.

You might be thinking, ‘how is she going to keep this blog going if she is wearing the same crap every day?’ Don’t worry. I have a plan. (;

What do you think? Uniform: Yay or nay?